Local mindo tours

Birds, frogs, plants with a bit of hiking

2 days mindo tour

GRACIAS FOR THINKING GREEN, THANK YOU for your support to small businesses, local reserves, encouraging people to think ECO , Explore, Conserve and Observe ! SimBiosys (tourists and locals).

Staying in a Private Cloudforest Reserve OUT of the town

DAY 1 :     Western Slopes of the Andes - Ecological
07:15 am             Pick up from your hotel in Quito
Arrival to the Orchid Reserve: one hour hike ( easy or moderate ) to the waterfall.
Activities like: gondola ride or zip line
cloudforest out of Mindo / upgrade lodge arrival and easy hike to the lodge. Lodging at a Cloud forest Reserve (with dinner and breakfast included) check in.Cabins with: private balcony, hot shower, private bath, wi fi conection, restaurant.

DAY 2 :       Western Andean Slopes – Exotic and Natural
Departure from the Cloud forest Reserve to the lek of the andean cock of the rock bird.
Arrival to the lek.
Box breakfast for our picnic at the mirador (viewpoint).
Departure to a local Reserve.
Easy or Moderate hike to one cascade (on the way we look for birds and learn about plants) at the Private Cloudforest Reserve.
Depart to Quito - visit of the equator line.
Equator line “Inty Ñan”site museum.
Back to the hotel in Quito


Staying in the town of Mindo
DAY 1 :
07:15 am             Pick up from your hotel in Quito
Crater look out.
Orchid Reserve.
Gondola ride - tarabita or zip line or water tubing
Lodge check in (at Mindo). Accommodations (cabins) with breakfast included and wi fi, hot water, private bath.     
Back to the Lodge in Mindo.
Frogs (night excursion)

DAY 2 :        Western Andean Slopes
Breakfast or early breakfast.
Departure to visit a Cloudforest Reserve.
Easy walk (to look for and learn about plants) and bird excursion in the Reserve.
Departure to Quito - quick visit to the equator line.
Equator line “Inty Ñan”site museum.
Back to the hotel in Quito


2 days mindo tour
Tripadvisor review December 08/2018

Wonderful tour of the cloud forest

We took a custom tour of the cloud forest with Richard in October. Richard is a goldmine of knowledge regarding the fauna and flora of the region. He could even mimic the calls of the various birds of the forest. We chose to do a hike up to a waterfall where we could find some frogs, and Richard was able to locate for us a female Cock of the Rock nesting. We went to another location and saw tons of hummingbirds that weren’t afraid of our presence. I also really wanted to see a toucan, so instead of doing a cable car ride ( there are several activities and wildlife options to choose from), we choose to do more bird watching. We were glad we did as we saw so many colorful birds including a really big woodpecker AND at the end of the day at lunch at a quiet private location overlooking the forest, a toucan appeared so close to us. I cannot tell you how excited I was! My husband and I were also pleased that we didn’t have crowds and it was just us for the majority of the tour.

Also as a testament to Richard and his character, I had accidentally left the case to my camera at the place where we ate lunch, which was about 2 hours away from Quito. Richard at some point had retrieved it and dropped it off at the hotel at the AIRPORT which is an hour outside I Quito. To me that is going above and beyond and I am so thankful and appreciative for what he did.

Richard helped make our honeymoon memorable and special, and we are grateful for him.
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Date of the experience: November 2018

2 days mindo tour
tripadvisor review February 18/2015

great two days in Mindo

We took an overnight tour of the Mindo area with Richard. It was a terrific trip with hiking and photography opportunities, and learning about this part of Ecuador. On the first day, we went on a short hike in an Orchid Preserve,visited two different private places to see hummingbirds and butterflies, learned about how chocolate is made in a small factory, did a cable car ride in pouring rain and, at night, took a short trip in the forest to discover and see tiny frogs. On the second day, we left very early to see Cock-of-the-Rocks flying around just as sun came up on dense forest, and then went on a couple of short hikes. Richard is very knowledgable and friendly. Further, he has taken as his mission to help other locals benefit from tourism, instead of that money going to third parties (large tour companies). I like that and I am glad we did our little bit to encourage it. Highly recommended.
Date of experience: January 2015

Mindo wildlife

2 days mindo tour

Mindo butterflies

Most seen in the area.

Heliconius Eleuchia
Heliconius Melpomene
Heliconius Erato sp.
Heliconius Ismenius
Heliconius Athis
Heliconius Erato
Heliconius Sara
Heliconius Charitonius
Heliconius Cydno
Dryas Julia
Euides Vivilia
Dione Moneta
Mechanitis sp.
Caligo Atreus
Caligo Memnun
Caligo Eurlochus
Caligo Illionius
Caligos (owl´s eye)
Phoebis  Philea
Morpho Peleides
Parides Arcas
Papilio Thoas
Siproeta Epaphus
Danaus Plexippus
Dione Juno
Opsiphanes Bogotanus