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Botinizing tour with Richard Hernandez



plant excurtions


Botinizing tour with Richard Hernandez


Plant excurtions



Botinizing tour with Richard Hernandez




Ecuador Botanizing tours.


Botanizing tours ?


There's a brief introduction to some of the main Plant Families here:

•             Apiaceae (formerly Umbelliferae) - Celery or Carrot Family
•             Apocynaceae - Periwinkle Family
•             Asteraceae (formerly Compositae) - Daisy Family
•             Bignoniaceae - Bignonia Family
•             Boraginaceae - Forget-me-Not Family
•             Brassicaceae (formerly Cruciferae) - Cabbage Family
•             Caesalpiniaceae, Fabaceae, Mimosaceae, Papilionaceae (formerly Leguminosae) - Bean Family
•             Campanulaceae - Bellflower Family
•             Caryophyllaceae - Pink Family
•             Clusiaceae (formerly Guttiferae) - St. John's Wort Family
•             Convolvulaceae - Bindweed Family
•             Ericaceae - Heath Family
•             Geraniaceae - Geranium Family
•             Gesneriaceae - African Violet Family
•             Hydrophyllaceae - Waterleaf Family
•             Lamiaceae (formerly Labiatae) - Mint or Nettle Family
•             Liliaceae - Lily Family
•             Malvaceae - Mallow Family
•             Musaceae - Banana Family
•             Oxalidaceae - Wood Sorrel Family
•             Primulaceae - Primrose Family
•             Ranunculaceae - Buttercup Family
•             Rosaceae - Rose Family
•             Rubiaceae - Bedstraw Family
•             Scrophulariaceae - Figwort Family
•             Solanaceae - Potato Family
•             Violaceae - Violet Family



What You Can Expect in a Mindo tour:

Located just near 2-hours drive (90km/56miles) from Quito.

The tour is focus on plants found in the forest on the slopes of the Andes, unique.

In a day tour we could probably expect to identify near 50 or even more species of plants.


Weather temperate to cold. Dress in layers and bring gloves.


Camera or phone for taking pictures of the ones in bloom.






06:45 am

Pick up from your hotel in Quito

08:15 am

From 1400 meters above the sea level, we do start.

11:50 am

From 3500 to 3700 meters above the sea level.

13:30 pm


16:00 pm

Arrive to your hotel in Quito.





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