Birdwatching tour ?

Do birding but not in bird feeders.
A professional bird guide does not take you to bird feeders.

mindo ecological concern

Eco concern

"Mindo Altitude": 8039ft. to 3609ft.

Sugared feeders might be killing hummingbirds do birding in natural spots

Banana with not natural ripening is toxic for birds/toucans do birding in natural spots

Ecological and sustainable cloud forest tour

The Guardian a movement is gaining momentum that grants legal rights to natural phenomena.

The Galapagos islands-consevation-crisis Leave No Trace, the massive concentration of tourists in one single place creates an ecological impact, have a look what is happening with "the Galapagos islands".

The Galapagos islands-consevation-crisis A barge carrying 2,000 litres of diesel has sunk at a dock on San Cristóbal Island in the Galápagos archipelago. .


Please avoid to buy Insect Spray repellent buy an atomizer. The use of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) contributes to ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere.

When buying plastic bottle water of 500ml we contribute of use of too much plastic. Please try to buy bottles of 1 or 2 liters or bring your own water bottle to refill it, camelback, etc.

For night excursions please avoid using too many flush lights (share it) that requires batteries and it might contain mercury.

Avoid as much as possible the use of flush while taking bird photos. Please think about hummingbird´s job.

Avoid to visit hummingbird feeders with TOO many feeders of sugared water. These great birds forget their job of pollinating wild flowers. The concentration of too many visitors in one single place (in nature) might cause an ecological impact.

There are other places where they do also need your support. Visit them !

Our tours are exclusively environmental education. People in search of other interests that are not ecotourism, we strictly reject it.

Tripadvisor reviews

mindo birding tours
Tripadvisor review February 3/2018

mindocloudforest 2-day tour

We'd gone with Richard Hernandez on a day trip and were happy to book 2 days and an overnight with this - now I have to say - friend. His enthusiasm for nature and for the accomplighments of the people in Mindo sold us. He designed the trip to accommodate our requests but was flexible and added good suggestions. btw for a great overight, if you like frogs, book Mindo Lago.Mostrar menos
Date of the experience: January/2018


mindo birding tours
Tripadvisor review July 16/2018

Richard is an AMAZING naturalist and guide!

We just spent the day with Richard doing a hiking and birding day in the Mindo Cloud Forest and we cannot recommend this highly enough. I called Richard very last-minute and he was graciously able to fit us in and accompanied us for the day. We were so lucky! Richard is very knowledgeable about the forest and also very passionate about conservation and eco-tourism. He knows where excellent private reserves are in the forest and took us to three spots where we saw an amazing array of hummingbirds, toucans and tanagers. We also enjoyed a beautiful hike into a huge waterfall where we saw many orchids, bromeliads and lilies. Richard is so friendly, open and warm and we thoroughly enjoyed our conversations with him throughout the day. I couldn't imagine coming to the Mindo cloud forest with anyone else, and we're already planning how we can get back to do more exploring here. Definitely visit the Mindo cloud forest when you're in Quito.

mindo birding tours
Tripadvisor review February 21/2018

Excellent Day Trip to Mindo Cloud Forest

Our day trip tour with Richard Hernandez was excellent. Richard is extremely knowledgeable naturalist. The whole day was enjoyable. My favorite part was visiting the hummingbird sanctuary. Since this was a private tour, Richard was very accommodating to our needs. Richard loves what he does and it shows in his enthusiasm on the tour. Another highlight of the tour, was a detour that we took when some locals found a rare snake in the forest and we went to view it. Such an amazing experience! Thanks Richard.
Date of the experience: Nov/2017


most booked

mindo birding tours

Hiking and birding

moderate to difficult hiking level required.

Fantastic day tour with a local taste but not touristy. Ecological and sustainable support to quite not very crowded places where they do also welcome people like you. A minimum hiking level is required and a disposal also to learn about the ecosystem and local people.

Two types of tours in one day tour. On this we do not visit the town of Mindo, we do enjoy hiking and birds.