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    Butterflies Mindo
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    Mindo butterflies
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Mindo butterfly list

Butterflies found in Mindo by Richard Hernandez naturalist
Heliconius Eleuchia
Heliconius Melpomene
Heliconius Erato Sp
Heliconius Ismenius
Heliconius Atthis
Heliconius Erato
Heliconius Sara
Heliconius Charitonius
Heliconius Cydno
Dryas Iulia
Euides Vivilia
Dione Moneta
Mechanitis Menapis
Opsiphanes Bogotanus
Dione Juno
Danaus Plexippus
Siproeta Epaphus
Papilio Thoas
Parides Arcas
Morpho Peleides
Phoebis Philea
Caligo Ilionius
Caligo Memnon
Caligo Eurilochus
Caligo Atreus.

Butterfly breeding centers

What’s Wrong With Butterflies Raised in Captivity ? A study suggests that monarchs bred by enthusiasts were less fit than those that started as caterpillars in the wild... by New York Times

Butterfly gardening

Butterfly gardening is an option ? Butterfly gardening is a way to create, improve, and maintain habitat for ... on Wikipedia

Mindo birding tour - private and personalized

mindo birding tour
"Choco Endemic 1"

Pick up at 04:15AM from Quito. Birds are more active in the morning. The kind of tour for beginners/aficionado birdwatching. Easy ad enjoyable tour while discovering birds in the wild. Join us for a fantastic natural bird experience. Not in bird feeders please !

from USD. 135 pp
mindo birding tour
"Choco Endemic 2"

Are you a keen bird watcher ? Pick up at 03:00AM early bird call. Looking for the rare ones, average of 60-75 sp. observed !

From USD. 135 pp

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Mindo birds - please not in feeders - Choco endemic

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