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mindo hiking tour


The Cloudforest Ecosystem

Near 118 inches of rain fall every year. Temperature from 18 to 22 celsius (64.40 to 71.60 farenheit) all year around. 80% humidity. 12 hours sun light all year. Just perfect for the development of ephyfites (air plants).

mindo hiking tour


Ecuador Cloudforest paradise.

Incredible biodiversity found on the Western Slopes of the Andes mountains, this term (WSA) is used by scientist to describe the lush green cloudforest ecosystem of Ecuador on the north west part of this country in South America.

mindo hiking tour

Mindo Pristine Cloud forest - Hike tour

Be off the beaten path. Join me and other travellers looking for the same as you look for, a close safe contact with mother nature

mindo hiking tour

Pristine Ecuador Cloudforest - Hike tour

Just the best Mindo Cloudforest tour. Join to Richard Hernandez in one of his hiking tours while you learn a bit of this nature wonders.

mindo hiking tour

Mindo Cloudforest - Hiking tour

Come and visit the nature wonders in the cloudforest. Inmerse in the pristine part of the forest with the experts. There is always something to be discover.

mindo hiking tour

Hiking into the Cloudforest - cloudforest formation

The earth with its tilt, it moves from West to East while the sun rises up on the East and warms the Pacific ocean on the West causing to the sea water evaporates and condensing it in the clouds, then it is taken to the West by the wind and the earth rotation brings it toward East to the western slopes of the Andes as mist, fog or just commonly known as CLOUDFOREST.



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Mindo exclusive hiking tour


Richard Hernandez from Mindo Cloudforest.com suggests the following Mindo hiking tour for people looking of having a great opportunity into the primary and pristine cloudforest.


Why this tour ? because it is ...


  • - Off the beaten path
  • - Unique experience in the pristine cloudforest
  • - Highly advised by other cloudforest visitors
  • - Exclusive Mindo Tour with Richard Hernandez.
  • - Great opportunity! to be away from the daily life from home
  • - For people with high stressed jobs. Come and join me to connect with nature wonders.

  • Is it for me ? It is ...

  • - From moderate to difficult hiking level.
  • - Insects or any animal or creature found in nature at 1,800 to 1,100 meters above sea level.




Hiking level: moderate to difficult 
USD.?? for one person
   USD.?? per person for two people
for three and more
USD.?? per person



DAY 1 :


Western slopes of the Andes, Mindo, Ecuador


06:45 am


Pick up from  your Hotel (or similar) in Quito



07:45 am


Moderate hike to “ one of the best waterfalls" 02 hours hike - into the Unique cloudforest Reserve.



10:15 am



Visit of a unique place with "endemic hummingbird species" of the cloud forest.



11:30 am



Arrival to another Cloud forest Reserve - 02 and a half hour hike exploring the primary and pristine part of the cloudforest.


14:00 pm


Lunch in a cloudforest lodge with a nice canopy view from the tower



17:00 pm



Back to Quito.











































mindo hiking tourmindo hiking tourmindo hiking tour