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richard hernandez mindo tours

Welcome to Mindo CloudForest, I am Richard Hernandez book me here

Exclusive naturalist guide who grew up in the cloud forest of western slopes of the Andes mountains of Ecuador. Feb 2024-Private Mindo cloud forest tours & packages. Birding, waterfalls, butterflies, hummingbirds, hiking, orchids, frogs. Chocolate & coffee tour, cable car. Best Mindo tour. Unique birds to be discovered in the wilderness, orchids in their natural stage, frogs day and night, medicinal trees, toucans . A nature wonder near Quito. We are not a huge multinational, we are 100% locally owned tour operator. Please leave us your trip request. We are here to help you to design your nature trip. Sincerely, Richard Hernandez - naturalist and bird guide.

Are you looking for a private and personalized tour ? We take you into the world of clouds with an inmense mutualism and symbiosis where the natural world stay and evolve in aparent silence, the type of silence we are not used to. On site interpretation. We know how to help you, with near 24 years of experience. Let us share with you what we have observed and learned from this wonderful and unique eco system.

Yes, unique places. Of course if that is the kind of tour you have choosen previously. Most places in Mindo put sugared water in hummingbird feeders or not natural ripened plantane to attract birds like tanagers/toucans and attracting:) you to stay in those hotel/lodges. In my tours we try to avoid it as much as possible. We like to walk/hike and look for birds in their natural stage.

Mindo Birdwatching Tours . Ecuador Bird Photography Tours

Traveling is not only visiting unknown places, traveling is also support. Bird watching gives a chance to those who enjoy the local birds while supporting the forest where birds live. In Mindo Cloud forest area (near 800sq km) are local formal reserves, places where birds have their source of food, its habitat-living with other forms of life. Here in the Cloud Forest are one of those well stablished forest/bird reserves where you can visit/support paying the entrance fee (sustainable tourism) you support with the fee and the bird reserve is happy in preserving and conserving the forest where birds live. Birding is supporting, contribuiting to the preservation-conservation of the cloudforest. Please visit and do birding in well stablished Reserves ! this is a message from Richard Hernandez
Bird and Nature Reserves: MCForest org ; Maquipucuna reserve ; Santa Lucia reserve ; Yunguilla reserve ; Bellavista Reserve; Mangaloma area ; Silanche Reserve; Yanacocha reserve ; Pahuma Reserve; Mashpi. There are other places where local people name to their land "Reserves/Bird Sanctuaries" but they are not formal/legal Reserves. To go to visit to all of these places costs extra money (logistics) because they are located out of Mindo town that is why most bird guides from Mindo town only do birdwatching from the public road in Mindo town, watching the most common birds. Support means a compromise with nature, nature needs to be preserve, preservation is conservation, conservation means support. Please support Nature - visit formal reserves and thank you very much for your understanding of what sustainable tourism means. Sincerely: Richard Hernandez - local bird/naturalist guide.

Custom Nature Tour "private-no shared"
for couples, family or friends

  • Tell me a bit about your
    interests, travel style,
    group size, physical conditions and dates so
    I can begin designing your trip
    to Mindo cloud forest.
    My name is Richard Hernandez and I will reach out to you
    once your message is received. Or just contact me by Whatsapp to +593 986193500
    Nature is what we LOVE !
  • Otavalo and Mindo

    Get to visit the famous indegenous market of Otavalo with a stay night in Mindo .

    otavalo and mindo tours

Mindo Tours with Richard Hernandez

mindo hiking tour
"hiking & birding"

PRIVATE TOUR. Tour for Nature lovers a minimun hiking level is required. Off the beaten path tour. Discovering waterfalls, sparkling rivers, birds in the wild. Join us for a fantastic natural experience.
Price does not include: entrance fees to private reserves, meals, tips, drinks.

from USD. 135 pp
mindo tour package
"2 days Mindo"

PRIVATE TOUR. After a day exploring the cloud forest is not enough and you need at least one more day. In this 2 days tour package with an overnight IN or OUT of Mindo town. Hostel and all meals included !

from USD. 318 pp

Mindo birds - please not in feeders - Choco endemic

What to do in Mindo ? Mindo town itself has tourist attractions like: water tubing, zip line, cable car, butterfly breeding farm, chocolate and coffee tour.
Birding in Mindo ? most local Mindo bird guides take you to places very close to the town of Mindo and also they do take you to bird feeders.
Bird photography tours of one day or multiple days at Mindo or all over Ecuador with the experts at Ecuador bird photography tours.
Ecuador birding tours all over Ecuador, to the East from Quito, South of Ecuador at Ecuador birding tour.
Birding Ecuador tours to all over Ecuador with the expertise of Richard Hernandez and his group of local bird guides. Ecuador birds tour.
Best hotel in Mindo ? best lodges/hotels are located at least 30 minutes drive far from the town of Mindo and they do have their own hectares where you can hike in their own small private reserve.
Swimming pools in Mindo Ecological Hotels ? this topic must need your ecological concern.
Mindo local support ? as a foreign tourist you may not really know who owns the hotel. Most investment in Mindo comes from foreigners from USA, UK, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain and few wealthy people from Quito as well. A way to know: some websites (local business), notice on its written English:)
Mindo booking services ? Some local business already have good booking systems. While Viator, Airbnb and others, they do take up to 25% from bookings (from local business) done through these international booking systems.
How to get to Mindo ? in Quito, there is Ofelia bus terminal by the Northern part - public bus 2 hours drive. Hiring a yellow taxi, Uber or Didi car are the same rates as hiring a private not taxi vehicle. The private not taxi vehicle service is offered by licensed tour agencies/guides with private licensed vehicles and also by people who knows about tourism not only of Mindo but also about Ecuador. Most Mindo hotels offer also their own cars as ground transportation but sometimes it is an additional income for their already round business as Mindo hotel owners
Choose Cloud forest Reserves for lodging ! tell it to your Travel Agency/Agent or tour guide.

Exclusive Mindo Bird Tours with Richard Hernandez

mindo birding tour
"Just birding"

PRIVATE BIRD AND PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS for keen birders, begginners or nature lovers, an early starting is required. Conservation and local support. Discovering unique bird spots, birdwatching in the wild and in bird sanctuaries. Join us for a fantastic and unique bird experience.
Price does not include: entrance fees to private reserves, meals, tips, drinks.
CONTACT TO: info@mindocloudforest.com
WHATSAPP: +593 986193500
MOBILE: 0986193500

from USD. 150 pp

Quilotoa Tours-Ecuador

from Quito

Rchard Hernandez does also offer tours and excursions with destinations to Cotopaxi-Quilotoa, Quilotoa-BaƱos. Browse our website to find your custom tour!