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mindo cloud forest

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Ecological concern:
- Please avoid to buy Insect Spray repellent buy an atomizer. The use of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) contributes to ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere.

- When buying plastic bottle water of 500ml we contribute of use of too much plastic. Please try to buy bottles of 1 or 2 liters or bring your own water bottle to refill it, camelback, etc.

- For night excursions please avoid using too many flush lights (share it) that requires batteries and it might contain mercury.

- Avoid as much as possible the use of flush while taking bird photos.


- Please think about hummingbird´s job. Avoid to visit hummingbird feeders with TOO many feeders of sugared water. These great birds forget their job of pollinating wild flowers.


- The concentration of too many visitors in one single place (in nature) might cause an ecological impact. There are other places where they do also need your support. Visit them !


- Our tours are exclusively environmental education. People in search of other interests that are not ecotourism, we strictly reject it.

- Please let’s Leave No Trace

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mindo tubing

Mindo full day adventure - Mindo tubing, Mindo canyoning and Mindo zip line.

Specially designed for people with interest in outdoor sports. Specialized adventure local guides will assist in all of the offered activities..



Mindo full day tour - Mindo butterfly farm

Best butterfly breeding farm to learn the different stages of the butterfly metamorphosis and enough chance to enjoy its garden.


Mindo tour package - viewpoints

Early in the morning at the crater view to let you enjoy the views from up there before heading to Mindo.




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Welcome to Mindo Cloud Forest "private tours"

VISIT THE SUBTLE BEAUTY OF the Western slopes of the Andes in Mindo Ecuador.


Richard Hernandez the highly recommended naturalist on TripAdvisor is delighted to have you here to the  nature wonders.


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Our tours are exclusively environmental education. People in search of other interests that are not ecotourism, we strictly reject it.



ABOUT RICHARD HERNANDEZ, Licensed national tour guide of Ecuador & naturalist guide:



Reviewed 21 February 2015

Richard Hernandez provided a two-day trip that was very well-rounded and extremely informative. And beautiful. The sequence of events is very well thought out and he is flexible to changing weather and changing clients (and vegetarians in our case). Costs are modest considering the range of what he does and his professional knowledge (many, many years as a national guide and many now in his eco-tourism specialty). His commitment to the Mindo community is strong: so what you pay him also filters on to the local community



“Cloud forest tour, chocolate factory, ziplining day trip”


Reviewed 29 July 2018

Booked a tour with Richard Hernandez. He was the best guide we had during our vacation in Quito. I was hesitant to book a tour with a unknown entity, but am glad I did. I also booked two tours via viator, and the quality of guide and overall experience was far less of a value. He is a certified guide, trained naturalist, and very knowledgeable. He has a website which you can google. On it you can see different options for tours. In the end, on the day of the tour we made modifications on what we did and he easily accommodated where possible...



Fantastic experience


Reviewed 08 December 2018

So glad that we found Richard’s details on a previous Tripadvisor report. This was our first trip to Ecuador and, whilst not “birders” we wanted to see some of the amazing bird life in the cloud forest. We were not disappointed! Richard picked us up from the hotel on time and gave us a superb day out. He was knowledgeable, friendly and interesting to talk to and we learnt a lot about the country and its flora and fauna. After a short stop at a caldera just outside of Quito, we were taken on a gentle hike through a beautiful forest with waterfalls and humming birds,





You will be amazed by the immense bird species (excellent for bird photography), orchids, butterflies, ferns, lash green vegetation and well marked trails for discovering the Cloudforest wonders. Educational nature tours or easy to moderate hikes into the different cloudforest private reserves located only 52 kilometers ( 33 miles) northwest from Quito.




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Mindo weather

  • July through October are the busiest months for tourism.  Mindo will often be packed with quiteños who are looking for a nature getaway from the city life on weekends. The climate in Mindo is warmer and wetter than it is in Quito. Throughout the year, temperatures hang around 15ºC–24ºC (60ºF–75ºF). Mindo has ATMs!

  • About Mindo Cloud Forest - Richard Hernandez the highly recommended naturalist on TripAdvisor.


    Contact here to Richard Hernandez as your private naturalist guide for Mindo Cloud Forest. Natural history, birding and/or hiking tours from Quito to the Bioregion of Choco in Mindo area on the Andean cloudforest. It is one of the most visited cloud forests in Ecuador is the natural Mindo Nambillo Cloud Forest Reserve Protected Forest 19,537 hectares (48,267 acres), ranging from 1,400 to 4,720m with temperature from 6 to 22 centigrades. Hundreds of bird species (380 species) recorded here. The town of Mindo is approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Quito, you can visit here on a Mindo Cloud Forest Day Tours Ecuador or stay overnight at one of the several confortable lodges in the town. Mindo has tourist attractions like tubing, orchids, butterfly gardens, bird tours, cable car, waterfalls. Easy access to different private reserves in the cloud forest area. Highly recommended for Nature Lovers.

  • What to do in Mindo Cloud Forest?

    In addition to birdwatching in Mindo, Mindo has many other activities to keep nature lovers occupied. The green, lush landscapes are punctuated by nature trails, freshwater rivers and waterfalls, which can be explored by foot ... read more